Spotting Drug Use in Your Kids

      Four years ago surrounded by his best friends Penny Whipps youngest son Kyle died of an accidental heroin overdose. Kyle's friends met with Penny's family after he died to give an account for what happened. All of his friends knew that something was off with Kyle that night and one of his best friends told Penny later that he knew in his gut that Kyle had done something dangerous and he should talk to him about it, but he didn't want Kyle to get mad at him. So he thought he would let Kyle sleep and in the morning he would talk to him. When he went in the next morning Kyle was dead. The young man said he would regret the decision to not talk to Kyle the rest of his life.

      A new demographic of students are at high risk of becoming statistics. The academic, the athlete, the artistgreat kids are living dangerously and losing their lives. This is a serious problem that affects the entire student bodyeven those students whom you might not expect.

      Penny started Just1X (Just One Time) to help concerned parents, administrators, and teachers combat the rising trend of drug abuse, underage drinking, and the multitude of other risky activities the youth culture of today not only accepts, but embraces.

      The Just1X (Just One Time) assembly is a powerful and effective tool for real change. Students are thinking twice about participating in risky activities and are actually intervening on behalf of their friends. Just1X is peer pressure in reversepeers advocating for friends living dangerously.