Spring Break College Prep Plan

      Independent College Consultant, Marie Morris, is an expert at matching the right colleges to the right kids and says that Spring Break is a great time to make some head way in finding just the right school.

      Here are her tips:


      • Visit those colleges again where you have been accepted if still undecided. Many schools have special accepted student receptions.


      • Spring break is a great time to visit schools. California schools' spring break is typically later and Washington schools' break is the week before Oregon's.

      Things to do on a visit:

      • Take the tour, attend the info session.
      • Ask the tour guide (usually a student) why did you choose this school? What is your favorite thing about this school? What are weekends like? How many students (%) live on campus? What are the housing requirements?
      • Pick up a recent copy of the college newspaper.
      • Have lunch on campus.
      • If not included in the tour: visit the library, rec facilities, student housing.

      After the visit:

      • What did you like? What did you not like?