Spring Cleaning Workout

      If you've been putting off your spring cleaning and your daily exercise too, now you can do both at once! Fitness Expert Beth Oliver stopped by to show us a fun spring cleaning workout!

      Here are her ideas:

      • Squat and pick-up -- go around the house with a laundry basket to tidy up. Squat as you pick things up. To challenge yourself, squat three times before putting the item in the basket.

      • Alternating lunges up the stairs -- hold the filled-up laundry basket to challenge yourself

      • Vacuum lunges -- step forward to lunge as you push the vacuum. Be sure to keep your front knee over your ankle.

      • One-Leg laundry fold -- Hold one Knee up in front of you to balance as you fold clothes.

      • Pli window wash -- With feet wide, plie down and up as you wash windows, the fridge and the dishwasher.

      • Push up counter cleaning -- With hands wide and your body held tight, push up and down. To challenge yourself, do a one-armed pushup as you clean with the other one.

      • Airplane dusting -- Stand on one leg, tip your body parallel to the ground and lift the other leg up (like an airplane) as you balance and dust at the same time.