Spring Decorating Trends

      If your home is in a style rut, why not try one of the fun new spring decorating trends? Interior Designer Lora Coburn stopped by to show us her favorites.

      TREND 1: HAIR-ON-HIDENo more are the cowhides just a fantastic rug. It's a hair-on-hide revolution with thebeautiful upholstery now covering tables, barware and even lamps.

      • Chose a shorter fur for summer and longer fur for winter
      • Decent options for color and pattern
      • Great way to add texture

      TREND 2: RADIANT ORCHIDRadiant Orchid reaches across the color wheel to intrigue the eye and spark theimagination." - Pantone

      • Works well with hunter greens, turquoise, teal and light yellows
      • Reenergizes almost any color palette

      TREND 3: FUR AND LAMBS WOOLAdds comfort to a room while exuding luxury.

      • Good faux fur feels almost as good as the real thing
      • Huge assortment of pattern and color
      • Trend stands the test of time

      TREND 4: GLAM KITCHENSThis is the year to dress up the heart of home, your kitchen. Bringing in gem tones, soft brass,chrome and golds and sexy surfaces creates a dramatic space.

      • So much time is spent in the kitchen, create a room that makes you feel a little
      • more glamorous.
      • Vibrant, gem colors and luxe patterns
      • Add a unique light fixture and additional accent lighting for warmth
      • Don't forget the accents-door knobs, dish towels, serving pieces

      You'll find more fun ideas on Lora's Coco Designs Blog.