Spruce Up Your Pets

      As the weather turns warmer and drier, we spend more time outdoors with our pets. Pet Expert, Cheryl Hansen, shared ideas to help make this seasonal transition a better one for both pets and the family:

      The warm weather menace. Fleas. A single pair of fleas can produce enough off spring to infest your home for 2 years!!!!
      *Checking for pests, treating the house, bedding, toys, grounds
      Natural solutionDiatomaceous earth, remains of hard shelled algae
      *Chemical vs. natural solutions--dispensing kits for traditional treatment, for natural treatment including rosemary dip, lavendar essential oil, brewers' yeast, apple cider vinegar, lemon spray

      Beware of pesticides, fertilizers, baits
      Be aware of plants that are poisonous to pets
      Spruce up the dog house, outdoor dog area or kennel.

      Good time of year for a full professional grooming. Manages shedding and skin related issues.
      Vet check to be sure pet is healthy, shots are current, bordatella/giardia

      Be sure that pet id is current. Lots of new options for ID. GPS for dogs, QR code on tags.
      Registrations are correct for microchips. Review with chip company.