Stand Up for Yourself

      Gotta stand up for yourself? Marriage and Family Therapist, Kelly Hoffman, says that there are three don'ts you MUST remember

      Hofman says there are three kinds of conflict people; conflict chasers, conflict avoiders and people who do not see interactions with others as conflict at all. Of all people, the last group has the most positive relationships in their life, the best outcomes in professional and personal situations, and it all seems to stem from their ability to abide by the following 3 DONTS for conflict or standing up for themselves.

      Those who don't see interactions as needing to stand up for themselves or as a conflict at all have the attitude that others will treat them well, that the negative feelings are just a misunderstanding or something that are not to be either ignored or fought against. They seem to naturally respond to negativity with a compassionate problem seeking attitude. It is this attitude that we should all strive to learn and cultivate in our own interaction patterns. Until we do, the 3 don'ts are what you need to keep you on track for having the kind of loyal, satisfying, conflict free relationships that this group of people so naturally cultivate.

      1. Don't be angry / emotional
      2. Don't be pushed away from being human / a friend
      3. Don't back down