Stop Stressing Over the Holidays

      Are you feeling stressed out this holiday season? Psychotherapist and Life Coach Didi Zahariades, MA, joined us to share some simple ways to make the last weeks of the year more manageable:

      1. Do not OVERBOOK your calendar We only have 13 days until Christmas is here how busy is your calendar? Review your calendar (today) and create a calendar that works for your family. If you have said "Yes" too many times; now is the time to say "No!"

      2. Do not become a "Path-follower" Allow each person in your life to choose how he/she reacts to each circumstance. It isn't necessary for you to join the emotional rollercoaster. For example: Your partner is in a bad-mood because he lost his car keys & everyone is now running late or your teenager doesn't want to go to Grandma's house. Make the choice to stay on your own path and assist from a non-emotional viewpoint. In the long run, this will decrease the stress in your home, since you will avoid a ridiculous argument and your partner will appreciate your support without you jumping in the deep end with him. Your teen will move through his emotions quicker without your company. Stay on your own path and let others choose their own experience.

      3. Be an Adult Recognize that as an adult you can make your own choices. Just because you have ALWAYS had a specific family tradition doesn't mean that it is currently a good idea. When you create your own family, it is OK to create new family traditions. As an adult, you can make the choice to update a family tradition or make whatever choice is good for you!

      4. Make a Decision (Now) to Be Positive It is easy to focus on the negative and bring in all your past history that may not be positive; give yourself an early Christmas gift and DECIDE to be positive. If you set the stage to have a positive mental attitude before an event, it allows you to both increase your joy and make it more difficult for others to negatively affect you.

      5. Take 20 minutes every day just for you This is a must! Steal away 20 minutes a day of personal time. Check in on your basics: Eat, Sleep and Exercise. Recognize the power of some quiet time.

      For more great information, visit Didi's website.