Stress Less When Making Decisions

      Decision making is often stressful, overwhelming, and exhausting. It can keep you up at night, cause a fight with your spouse, and even leave you frozen in your tracks. Learning the process to good decision making can be life changing! Even if your ultimate choice is to not do something; this is also a decision. Bottom line, making a good decision requires ACTION.

      It is important to consider all of your possible choices. In order to properly analyze a situation, you will need to focus on Facts v. Emotions. The facts are the details and fine points of your choice(s). This isn't up for negotiation; it is the black & white of your decision. The emotions are your beliefs if it is possible; the questioning if you are going to prosper; the annoying questions which do not actually have right answers.

      This is the ability to move forward with your decision. You may get trapped in analysis- paralysis and it will take a personal conviction to move forward with your decision. This is the ability to share your decision with others; to own it; to accept the consequences positive or negative which are attached to your decision.

      This appears to be trust in your decision although it is actually having "Trust in You". Believing you're capable to take this step and succeed! This is often the step which a person may find the most difficult because it requires faith. Faith requires confidence. This is where you meet you in the mirror, look into your own eyes, and know you will thrive. This is also where fear often takes over be cautious!


      This is that first feeling which is immediate, strong, and often --- if you trust --- has the ability to get you to take ACTION! When faced with a big decision, we often quiet our intuition and lean towards what we believe are the "facts". The problem is if you haven't had a proper ANALYSIS you may actually be focused on your emotions and be skewing the outcome. Your intuition is not your emotions (fear) but an inner knowing voice.

      Once you feel fairly solid, and before you make a decision, ask others. It is ok to get the opinion of those individuals you believe in or see making strong decisions. It is important to remember that this is another person's opinion on your life. Cautiously reflect on their ideas and/or advice, and then recognize it is your life. You will need to live with the consequences. Each person has a particular angle; it may (unfortunately) also be a reflection of what his interest is.

      No Right Answer
      Action is required and regardless of your decision, there is rarely a right answer. Each answer will lead you down a different path. It is said that hindsight is 20/20 because looking back you have a different view than looking forward. With this in mind, often you move forward and there is no right answer. The stress rises as you struggle to make the perfect choice or to please a person other than yourself. Remember this is your life and your choice.

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