Stretching 101

      Fitness Expert, Beth Oliver, joined us with great information about when and how to stretch:

      Everyone knows that stretching is good for you, but how do you know what stretches to do when?

      Some people say that you should stretch before you run or walk and some people say that you should stretch after. The truth is that BOTH are true, but the type of stretch is different.

      Before you exercise you want to mobilize the body and prepare it for the upcoming work. So you get the joints moving and you do a smaller version of what's to come. This is called active or dynamic stretching.

      After you exercise, when your body is warm, you stretch to elongate muscle and increase flexibility. This is called static stretching. It's how you recover from physical activity.

      Even if you aren't preparing for a specific physical activity, you still need to stretch to keep your spine, muscles and joints healthy. So let's look at a few of each of these types of stretches.