Summer Denim

      One of the hottest fashion trends right now is denim, so Fashion Stylist and Blogger Rebecca Alexander Pickrel stopped by to show us how to wear it well.

      You'll find more great fashion tips from Rebecca on her "Prey for Fashion" blog.

      Denim has never left the fashion industry but it has had a facelift this summer and can be seen everywhere you look! Denim is resilient in its fashion longevity and in its strength of wear power. But denim can go wrong! It can look worn out and frumpy if the wrong style is selected. So take caution! Here are a few denim pieces to add to your closet this summer that will not lead you astray!

      Denim Cutoffs - Shorts are perfect for summer weather and denim cutoffs are a classic staple to every summer movie. The beauty here is you may not even have to buy something new, just grab a pair of scissors and your old faves that are a bit worn on the hem and you have a great new piece. You can even customize the length. Caution here: worn out or oversized denim will look frumpy, cut them too short and you may come out with a horrible pair of Daisy-Duke's. Best to cut about two to three finger widths above the knee to begin with.

      Denim Shirt - As iconic as the cowboy hat, denim shirts are the cardigan of summer time. You can find them in a variety of shades, choose darker for a dressier look and lighter for the causal picnic. Caution here: Careful on the fit and when washing. Denim shirts shrink just like your jeans will if they aren't washed correctly.

      Denim Shirt-dress - The shirt dress is the perfect item for summer picnics or bridal showers. It can be dressed up with a cute pair of heels or dressed down with some flats. Caution here - Choose lighter weight denim, otherwise the dress will be too stiff and won't move with you.

      Denim Vest - Vests are perfect for when you want a bit of warmth but not the weight of a coat. I love the original Wrangler look, but a fitted item would look good on you curvy girls as well! Caution here - the length of the vest should be your highest priority. Find one that hits at your sweet spot and doesn't add to your shape.

      White denim skinny capris - summer always likes light colored bottoms and white denim capris are about as versatile as they come. These can match with anything, so grab a pair, cuff the edge and off you go! Caution here - Capris is a dangerous word, think cropped instead, you want your pants to graze a few finger widths above your ankles not the middle of your calf otherwise you run the risk of looking like a little girl.

      Denim skirt - We have seen this item come and go, now its back and its better than even cut in a wide A-line that looks great on all body types. Caution here - If you have full-hips or thighs look for a piece without a lot of pleats. If you are petite watch out for the length so you don't make yourself look shorter than you are.