Summer's Hottest Toys

      Chris Byrne, Director of Content for "Time to Play" Magazine, joined us to show off summer's hottest toys.

      POLLY POCKET HANGOUT HOUSE with Stick 'n' Play feature
      Ages 4+
      Never misplace a piece of Polly's world again with the new Stick 'n' Play featured in the Polly Pocket™ Hangout House™ playset. Every piece in this playset incorporates a suction cup that allows girls to literally "stick" them into place -- even hanging things upside down! Serving as the ultimate hangout, the playset features transforming walls that change from day-to-night or showcase a completely different room setting. The house includes a Polly™ doll, dog and an array of house pieces.

      Ages 6+
      This exciting game for 2-4 sends players on a chase through the streets of LEGO City! Once the board is built (247 pieces), thieves must steal the money without setting off the alarm while the police attempt to catch up with them and put them all in jail. Every roll of the dice changes to chase.

      Ages 4+
      Young superheros will be able to fend off boredom with his Iron Man Repulsor! The gauntlet attaches to the arm with two straps and the Repulsor attaches to the palm. The gauntlet launches two missiles, while kids can activate blast sounds and pulse lights as they imagine themselves defending the universe as the armored Avenger.

      Ages 5+
      These are not your ordinary clear soapy bubbles. Because they are colorful, they will leave temporary colorful marks on skin, clothing and intended outdoor surfaces. While kids are enjoying an afternoon of messy outdoor fun, moms can have peace of mind knowing the bubbles are designed to clean up. Color rubs off skin, can be laundered from clothing and will spray away from most outdoor surfaces like driveways and sidewalks with a garden hose. Before kids put on their play clothes and head outside, there are helpful tips at to get ready to play and clean up.

      Maui Toys
      Ages 6+
      Sky Balls is a line of sports balls that make any kid feel like a pro with hyper charged balls taking the field that work in all weather and can even be taken in a pool without being water logged. SKY BALL SOCCER can be kicked up to 100 yards (the length of a soccer field) so you can kick a goal with one strikes; SKY BALL JR. GOLF SET allows kids to hit the ball like a pro golfer, landing up to 300 feet away; SKY BALL FOOTBALL can be thrown up to 80 yards; ATOM SKY BOUNCIN' BASEBALL can be hit out of the park and the extreme bounce of Sky Ball takes the game of baseball to a whole new level.

      Ages 5+
      Transform water into fun with Squishy Baff! Turns ordinary water into glorious colorful goo and then back again. Create your own fun gooey adventures in your bathtub, while feeling it squishing between your fingers and toes! Comes with enough Squishy Baff powder to make two baths of goo! It's safe, fun, and doesn't leave stains or residue. When you are done playing, simply add the dissolving powder and watch it go down the drain! Non-toxic, biodegradable and easily goes down the drain. Squishy Baff - a whole new way to take a bath!