Survive Valentine's Day

      Clinical Psychologist, Goali Saedi, PhD, shared why you should remember the reason for Valentine's Day in order to get through it with a smile. Valentine's Day. You typically love it or hate it. Perhaps you are newly in love and ready to profess your affections for another in a day of celebration devoted to the very emotion with which you are brimming. Maybe you fall into the single and dreading category. All those hearts everywhere are reminders of that which eludes you. Or if you are single and fully satisfied, you are constantly irritated by those insisting you must be embittered, sad, and lonely. Furthermore, the happily coupled may find the day riddled with pressure to impress with the perfect gift or proclamation of undying love. It becomes easy then to see how the holiday is primarily celebrated by those in elementary school and in the elementary stages of love. Click here for the full article of tips for handling the pressures of Valentine's Day.