Team Anderson Updates

      Monday, March 10th

      Dave has been back home for about a week and recuperating. He'll be back before you know it! Thanks for all your positive thoughts!

      Saturday, March 1st

      Dave was sent home from the hospital today, 2 days ahead of schedule!

      Friday, February 28th

      Pathology report is back: appears no cancer spread. All good news!

      Thursday, February 27th

      A visit from his doctor today came with a positive report: DAVE IS DOING GREAT!He is moving up the ladder to more solid menu items, but the main catch of the day is J-E-L-L-O.Keep the positive vibes coming!

      Tuesday, February 25th

      Dave's family let us know that Dave is doing very well after his lengthy operation. And they let us know his sense of humor is still intact! He and his family are taking short walks around his room and the hospital staff is making him as comfortable as possible. Next on the agenda is rest, rest and more rest. Thanks to everyone for their continued support and positive thoughts.

      Monday, February 24th

      Dave's family let us know that he came out of surgery and is now in recovery. Thanks for all your positive thoughts!

      Monday, February 24th

      Dave's family informed us that Dave's surgery is a long one, but it's going well. Please understand that we will not be giving out the specific details of the procedure, but we are told that they are very pleased. Dave's family and his television family station are truly thankful for your tremendous support and kind words for Dave.