"The Crew Bake-Off"

      Today four of our KATU co-workers competed in our first annual "Crew Bake-Off"! Our competitors were AMNW Floor Director Samantha Kocher, Newscast Director Larry McKenzie, IT Specialist Jan Green and KATU News Photographer Jon-Michael Farley. The only rule for today's bake-off was that their recipe had to include this ingredient: cinnamon. Their recipes were voted on by secret ballot by their fellow employees. All of their fantastic recipes can be found on our AMNW Recipe page by clicking here.

      KATU IT Specialist Jan Green was declared the winner with her Holiday Pumpkin Bars! But in a stunning reversal by the judges, her title was revoked as Jan was not prepared to demonstrate her recipe on-air as per the rules of the Bake-Off. So, Second Runner-Up Samantha Kocher was declared the winner and demonstrated, with mixed results, her delicious Cinnamon Cream Cheese Sticky Buns.