The Etiquette of Thank Yous

      Etiquette Expert Melanie Perko shared what we need to know about writing post-holiday thank yous.

      Any out of the ordinary dinner, bonus, company party, is a great reason to thank management for the gift. Use a more business like approach for work:
      BUSINESS: Write note ASAP
      Example: Ms. Sandberg: The department dinner in your home last weekend, is one my wife and I will remember for a long time. (sentence 1)
      We are still talking about the great baked potato bar you had in front of your roaring fireplace. (sentence 2)
      SOCIAL: E-mail or texts are great for the quickest thanks to close friends or relatives, then later when not expecting, use a written thank you, only 2 sentences:
      Example: Aunt Jane: I just wanted you to know I used the NYC cookbook you gave me, for my neighborhood potluck last night. (sentence 1)
      The sauce was so good I now have a permanent bookmark where I spilled on the recipe page (sentence 2 a little humor)
      If possible, use your own stationery or something indicative to you, rather than a "thank you card"
      Don't forget a stamp, many people write notes and then let them sit in a car, briefcase or on a desk because they don't have a stamp. Order stamps on line. Note: first class postage goes up 1/26/14 from .46 to .49 per stamp.
      Always date the note for historical value, and if saved, refers back to the event or gift.
      It's never too late to write a thank you note, who do you know who does not like receiving old fashioned mail?