The Holidays: Happy or Depressing?

      When it comes to the holidays there are a lot of myths-- while we may feel some additional stress, its not true that the rate of depression or domestic violence increases. Clinical psychologist and author, Michael Friedrichs, Ph.D., joined us to shed some light on the subject and offered up his tips to make the holidays truly happy ones:

      1. Enchant the holidays. Make a two lists of what you look forward to, and what you do not, then don't do the things on that list!

      2. Give within your means.

      3. Alcohol is a depressant.

      4. Try not to overeat too much - - leads to regret in January.

      5. Getting back into a routine is the easiest way to reduce stress.

      6. Make sure to have boundaries, meaning that there is a line to which you can retreat in the service of others. REMEMBER, a good holiday is NOT one where everybody is happy. A good holiday is one that everybody survives!

      For more information, visit Dr. Friedrichs website.