The Perfect Peacock Feather Project

      Peacocks are known for their brightly colored feathers. They have been used to make jewelry, pens, or collected for decorative arrangements. They also lend themselves to be great subjects to draw or paint! Professional Artist Elida Field says that by using oil pastels, black paper and a little imagination, you can come up with your own feather arrangement that will make even the brightest colored peacock a little jealous!

      Materials List:
      ~heavy black paper (any size)
      ~oil pastels ( I prefer portfolio, but any kind will work)
      ~paper towels
      How to create the "Perfect Peacock Feathers"
      1. Turn your paper vertically
      2. Using a brown oil pastel draw an egg shape the size of a real egg about 1/3 down the
      paper. If you want to draw several feathers, then repeat this several around your
      page. Keep in mind it looks better to do things in odd numbers so make 3, 5, or 7 of
      the egg shaped circles.
      3. Next draw a smaller circle on the inside of your egg but towards the bottom.
      4. On the inside of that circle you will draw an upside down packman shape (like a circle
      with a little wedge cut out of it on the bottom).
      5. On the bottom of the egg shape draw a straight line down to the bottom of the page.
      6. From that straight line, draw curved lines out to the left and to the right all the way up
      to the egg shaped circle. Continue that pattern around, curving the lines more
      towards the center as you go around.
      7. Using the brown oil pastel, fill in the larger part of the egg shape.
      8. Then pick a light blue or green and fill in the smaller circle.
      9. Finally use the black to fill in the upside down packman shaped circle and to outline.
      10.Go back in with blue, greeen, yellow and white to highlight the lines on the outside of
      the feather as well as to fill in any black spaces.
      11. Experiment and try using contrasting colors like hot pink or purple!
      Side note: Remember to use your hands to blend the oil pastels and also use a lighter
      color as a base sometimes and then layer over the top to get a thicker/bolder splash of