The "Perfect Storm's" Linda Greenlaw

      Famed swordfisherman and bestselling author Linda Greenlaw survived the perfect storm and lived to tell the tale, but when faced with the prospect of raising a deeply troubled teenager at the age of 40 plus, Greenlaw finds herself in more turbulent waters than she could have ever imagined.

      LIFESAVING LESSONS: Notes from an Accidental Mother is the dramatic story of perhaps the most unexpected of all of Greenlaw's many adventuresbecoming a mother. Living on Isle Au Haut, Maine (year round population 40) gives Greenlaw both an unrivaled sense of isolation during the winter months, while simultaneously providing an unparalleled sense of community, particularly in the summer. It is this community that brings Greenlaw and Mariah together, each regarding the other warily at the beginning of their relationship. When fifteen year old Mariah flees her uncle's house for refuge at a neighbor's one night, it becomes apparent that he is a sexual and emotional predator who has been taking advantage of Mariah for many years. Used to solitude and independence, Linda isn't exactly the picture of maternal warmth, and she frequently finds herself at a loss when trying to play the role of parent and mothera role she never imagined or planned on playing.

      In turns both humorous and devastating, Linda candidly writes about the frustrations and doubts that any parent experiences when grappling with a temperamental teenagerwhose texting habits sometimes cause the phone bill to skyrocket over $500 a monthlet alone one who has experienced as much horror as Mariah. Greenlaw recounts the feelings of pride and love that develop as she and Mariah slowly but surely begin to trust one another and find common ground. Over the course of the book, we watch as Linda battles the gale-force winds of teenaged angst, a tremendously complex legal system, and her own concerns about her ability to mother. Both Linda and Mariah, it seems, must overcome their own stubborn independence in order to forge the unlikely family that they both so desperately need.

      Meet Linda at 7:30 tonight for her booksigning and reading event at Powell's Books at 1005 W Burnside in Portland.