"The Petite Advantage Diet"

      In The Petite Advantage Diet Lifestyle and Weight-Loss Expert, Jim Karas, makes the case with the right mind set and a few strategic changes, weight loss is not only possible, it is possible this week!
      After more than twenty years as a weight-loss and fitness expert, Jim Karas had seen enough body types to know one thing for sure: petite women's greatest advantage is also their greatest disadvantagetheir bodies have the potential to change rapidly. And, because petite women are typically faster, more flexible, and more structurally aligned, they'll quickly understand why strength training is their shortcut to tall benefits From portion sizes to dress sizes, everything in this plan is the perfect fit for any woman 5'4 and under. The best news of all? For petite people, small changes can really add up.
      Karas enlists petites to embrace their advantages, go after real and rapid results using his program, and get serious about creating lasting change in their body shape. From a strategic 21-day eating plan to detailed exercise instruction to easy-to-implement tips on what to drink, how to eat out, and even how to cultivate better posture, Karas has created a truly holistic program for this body-conscious group.