The Secrets of Sustained Success

      Do you ever wonder why certain people always seem to be getting ahead in their career while others seem to be in a perpetual stall mode? Leadership Coach, Katie Kelley, shared with us the real secrets to genuine and sustained success:

      1) Practice the 3 Hs: Honesty, Hard work, Hustle

      The pre-requisite for hustle is drive and that is something I think you are more often born with or that you have to really cultivate. However, I see a marked divide between those who yearn for more success throughout their lives and those who get up every day and work to make that a reality, meaning hustle. I will provide some examples of those who hustle to reach their goals vs. those who wait for everything to line up in their life and for luck to manifest their dreams.

      2) Identified and Engaged with their Best Talents

      Successful people have taken the time to consider what uniquely makes them tick; meaning what brings them that intrinsic satisfaction. Secondly, they have found a way to bring their best talents to life on a regular basis somewhere in their life. The result is that they are living a life that feels vital, self possessed, satisfying and enormously enriching. Keep in mind this does not have to necessarily mean actual riches or fame.

      3) Comfortable Taking Risks

      Successful people are confident and know that perfection is a myth. Thus, they do not hold themselves back from take big and little risks into the unknown. They are open minded, curious and playful in the manner that they explore the 'what if's of their life and business. A lot of people end up holding themselves back from this kind of an approach because they fear finding themselves in situations where they don't always have the answer and the outcome is not always a slam dunk.

      4) Continually Seek out Growth Opportunities

      Successful and happy people enjoy growing and developing alongside their work. The key difference for those who are always getting ahead is that they have that entrepreneurial spirit in whatever they are doing. Meaning they are always taking the initiative to seek out what they need to further develop. Doers make it clear what they want, they work hard and if they are met with a 'no', they find a different way to get to 'yes'. The key to continually being awarded opportunities to grow is after doing a good job, to continually seek feedback, accept the advice, incorporate it and revisit whatever you are working towards so that you know you are on the right track.

      5) Find Satisfaction in the Process of their Work

      Successful and happy people are not simply attached to the end game of their work; they sincerely love the process of their work. This point is a reflection of our first tip today that truly successful people are oftentimes engaged with work that brings out their best talents and thus is infinitely rewarding, beyond a paycheck or fame.