"The Trauma of Everyday Life"

      Death and illness impact us all, but even the everyday sufferings of loneliness and fear are traumatic. Western psychology teaches that if we understand the cause of trauma, we might move past it, while many see meditation as a means of distancing themselves from their most difficult emotions. Dr. Mark Epstein, renowned psychiatrist and author of Thoughts without a Thinker, argues that both approaches fail to recognize that trauma is an indivisible part of life. In The Trauma of Everyday Life, Epstein looks to his own experience and that of his patients, fellow sojourners, and teachers he encounters as a psychiatrist and Buddhist, uncovering the transformational potential of trauma and revealing how it can be used for the mind's own development.

      Dr. Epstein has a book signing tonight at 7:30 at Powell's City of Books located at 1005 W Burnside in Portland.