This Season's Best New Toys

      Chris Byrne, Director of Content for "Time to Play" Magazine knows what kids want for Christmas and stopped by to show us the season's best new toys!

      The Bridge Direct
      Ages 4+

      An enchanting new small doll line that combines the fun of collecting seashells with the magical world of mermaids! Open it up to reveal Waverly's home, complete with her bed, a swing and the magic pearl reader that can be used to unlock the secrets hidden in each pearl. There are more than 50 different secrets to be revealed - including lights, sounds, and spoken secrets from Waverly and her friends.

      Ages 6+

      La Dee Da invites girls to create, imagine, and express themselves through a new kind of fashion play. With make up, outfits, and crazy colored hair, Dee and her friends go for the bold. Meet Dee's other friends from the Sweet Party Collection or Runway Vacay Collection.

      CHUGGINGTON DIE-CAST RAILWAY/Wilson's Wild Ride Playset
      Ages 3+

      For the first time ever, budding engineers can build spiraling track layouts with this innovative track system engineered for stability and durability, enabling elevated layouts like never before. In addition, every action-packed playset in the Chuggington Die-Cast Railway can be built multiple ways, encouraging young imaginations to create, construct and play. With Wilson's Wild Ride, pull the lever when Wilson enters the storm machine to activate storm sounds and to launch Wilson. Wilson shoots down the 360 degree spiral, past the spinning sign, past the popping cones, and onto the turntable, where he whips around 720 degrees! Set can create four different track layouts.

      Innovation First
      Ages 6+

      HEXBUG Warriors are a set of collectible mini robots, packed full of technology, designed to battle against one another in Battle Stadiums or Arenas. Each HEXBUG Warrior comes with interchangeable battle armor that snaps on and off of any Warrior; there are over a million different armor combinations. Once your Warrior is ready for battle, you put it into match mode and set it down in the configurable Warrior Stadium to battle your opponent until the strongest Warrior is left standing. When battling, the Warrior's LED light goes from flashing green to red as its health decreases with every hit.

      Moose Toys
      Ages 6+

      Ready, set, race with the Micro Chargers™ Loop Track! Micro Chargers perform gravity-defying stunts on this track set, which includes one loop stunt race track, stat card, handheld charger and one exclusive quick charge Stunt Car. Kids can challenge their friends to see whose Stunt Car is the fastest as their Micro Chargers race the stretch, tackle the loop and then slingshot back to take on the loop again. For even more action, kids can connect the Loop Stunt Track with the Jump Track and Time Track to configure their own layouts and build the ultimate race track! Requires two AAA batteries (not included). Available at Toys"R"Us and other select toy retailers nationwide.

      Mega Bloks
      Ages 5+

      Based on a hugely popular video game, kids can take the battle to the skies with the buildable Arkeyan Copter Attack by Mega Bloks Skylanders Giants! The Frigid Chompies are no match for Spyro when he attacks from above using the Arkeyan Copter's working missile launchers. Once his foes have been defeated, Spyro can swoop in to collect the treasure. Help Spyro and his friends save the Skylands!

      Thinkway Toys
      Ages 4+

      Based on The Dark Knight Rises, the much-anticipated final chapter in the Batman trilogy, the infrared remote control U-Command BAT-POD takes the RC motorcycles to the next level. Equipped with light-up wheels, voice and sound effects, the BAT-POD spectacularly moves forward and in reverse with a front wheel that pivots left and right for turning and drifting action. The bike's movements can be controlled instantly with the joysticks or pre-programmed for over 1000 action combo sequences with the 10 command buttons on the wireless remote. The remote control requires 3 AA and the BAT-POD requires 4 AA alkaline batteries.

      Zing Toys
      Ages 8+

      The newest addition to Air Storm line is the Z-Tek Cross Bow. With POWER-SWING technology, amazing accuracy, and 3 stick-anywhere ZARTZ™, the Z-Tek Cross Bow™ is the one to beat! It features an innovative extension application that offers two distinct firing modes, short range and POWER-SHOT. While in short mode watch as the arrow shoots up to 35ft, perfect for tight spaces! Then switch to POWER-SHOT mode and see the arrows shoot up to 45ft! Pick your target or use the bull's eye target that is included! Then quickly, load, aim and FIRE! For the Z-Tek POWER-SHOT, push and hold the button and extend and lock the body of the Cross Bow. The amazing ZARTZ™ will stick to tons of surfaces for 15-30 seconds then auto-releases!