"Three Brothers Adventures in Oregon"

      Carrie Meerdink is the local author of a new childrens book that's also a family-friendly travel guide. She stopped by our studio with her picks for must-see Oregon destinations, as well as her tried-and-true family travel tips.

      You'll find more information about "Three Brothers Adventures in Oregon" on our books page and on Carrie's website.

      Here are Carrie's family-friendly travel tips:

      • Take advantage of the time you have with your kids -- Don't let time go by wasted that you could have spent with your kids. Saturdays make for great day trips. There are plenty of fun things to see within an hour or so of Portland.

      • Take stops along the way -- Don't be in such a rush to get there that you miss the cool stuff on the way.

      • Take pictures, then put the camera down -- Be sure to enjoy where you are when you are there.

      • Learn the stories and histories of the places you visit -- Kids enjoy learning about where they are -- just make it fun and they'll be interested. If you teach your kids about where they are going before they get there it will raise their excitement and interest when they arrive.

      • Plan for the season and be flexible.

      • Have easy access to snacks, water and a pillow from home.

      • Encourage your kids to look out the window, listen to books-on-cd or play games -- avoid dvd players unless the car ride will be really long.