Tintype Photography

      There is a new way to look at photography and portraiture with a very old process: tintypes. Yes, the way photography was done in the 19th Century is making a comeback -- this time on a massive scale -- and the results are definitely 21st Century.

      Photographer Michael Shindler formerly of Portland combined his photographic and artistic talents to revitalize tintype photgraphy. Although the labor-intensive method is antiquated, the resulting images have a distinctly modern feel. Tintypes cannot be enlarged like conventional film, so making a very large tintype requires a very large camera. The tintype process allows a one-time moment in a person's life to be captured: photographs that bare the very soul. Haunting and inexplicably intimate, subjects appear more vulnerable and accessible. Because these tintypes cannot be duplicated, they are a one-of-a-kind piece of art that will last forever. This photography imparts its own flavor into the finished image and will be a unique objet d'art, like a painting, passed through the generations.

      Michael will be demonstrating the tintype technique and showing some of his portraits today from Noon - 9:00 pm at the Lucas Salon, located at 124 SW 1st Ave in Portland. For more information call 503-894-8169.