Tips for Struggling Business Owners

      Girff Lindell, Dean of the School of Business for Corban University newst book is Struggling With Your Business? 10 Questions to Consider Before Investing (A)nother Dime: The book addresses 10 issues can help a struggling small business in a tough economy.

      o Your lifestyle - have you calculated the return of your emotional and relationship investments to keep the business going? Is it worth the risk?

      o Your relationships - your family is impacted - If you are marked, you are now in a "career-dominated" marriage.

      o His book provides assessment tools and a place to journal with tangible and practical ways to measure if you are ready to start a business, and if not what specifically you need to do to improve your chances of success.

      KEY #1: Money - Do you know how much it costs to open the doors every day? Do you know when to fold them and when to hold them? Do you have a cash-flow budget?

      KEY #2: Struggling business owners must watch carefully their body language, attitude and energy.

      o Nurture a positive attitude
      o Catch employee "being good" or "doing well" Focus on positive results
      o Love your customers

      KEY #3: Struggling business owners -must be able to communicate clearly in a competitive environment
      o who your target customer is,
      o what they need,
      o what you offer,
      o why it is so very special,
      o how it is different from others in the same business