Tracing the Roots of Violence to Early Childhood

      It's a deeply disturing wake-up call. The first thousand days of lifeshaped by the interactions between a baby and a caregiverlays the biological foundation for the child's empathic response and for his or her capacity to self-regulate strong negative emotions like fear, rage, and frustration. Alarmingly, growing numbers of children across all class and ethnic lines in our country are developing under conditions that are perfectly designed to breed biological cycles of rage, despair, and alienation.

      Robin Karr-Morse, co-author of the newly revised book Ghosts From the Nursery: Tracing the Roots of Violence, joined us to share the scientific evidence that violence can originate in the womb and become entrenched in a child's brain by preschool.

      She also detailed how fundamental preventative measures, incorporating significant advances in the field of neurobiological research, are needed and how, until our nation recognizes that the brain governs all human conduct, we will continue to witness rising tides of violence.

      For more information on Ghosts From the Nursery: Tracing the Roots of Violence, visit the book website.