Travel Packing Tips

      Jonathan Larsen, author of "The Penny Pincher's Guide to Europe," says he can spot seasoned travelers from first-timers by the amount of luggage they carry. When it comes to packing for travel, less really is more! He joined us to share his expert tips.

      1. Choose the right luggage

      2. Pack an essential bag and a non-essentials bag.

      3. Bring the Right amount of clothes.

      • Jonathan uses a 2:1 ratio -- number of days on trip to clothes packed

      4. Roll your clothes to create more space and less wrinkles.

      5. Bring an extra gym bag for day to day items while on vacation

      6. Make a packing list

      7. Purchase travel sized toiletries

      8. Check the 10 day weather forecast 2 days before leaving