Travel with Pets

      Pet Expert Cheryl Hansen says to adopt a "summer camp" mentality when you travel with your pets. Pretend you are sending them off to camp just like you would a child..belongings, necessities, snacks and plenty of ID.

      Traveling by car:

      *make sure ID is current, water/food, bowls, bedding, chew toys, kennel
      *take copies of current vaccination and rabies certificates
      *leash for rest areas, clean up products, poop bags and PATIENCE
      *plot out stays in pet friendly hotels
      *NEVER leave a pet in the car unattended in warm weather. NEVER.

      Traveling by plane:
      *reserve well in advance, expect significant expense
      *airline approved kennels (size specifics may vary by carrier and model of plane)
      *limited in-cabin pets allowed
      *vet assistance in determining need to sedate and health certificate required but do not make appt with vet too far in advance
      *HS does not recommend travel as cargo, snub nose dogs may not be able to travel as cargo
      *if necessary to go in cargo, affix "Live Animal" sticker with arrow and pet identification including name of pet, owner, phone number
      *Avoid connecting flights, fly red eye or early am in summer, late afternoon in winter

      Traveling by Train: NO, except for some regional carriers but AMTRAK does not allow pets, though service dogs are allowed. Check with regional carrier for specifics

      Traveling by Bus: Under 25 lbs at the discretion of the bus company, check with individual company, may need to buy a seat for your pet