Turn Favorite Photos into Wall Art

      Professional Photographer Lara Blair showed us how easy it is to create wall art with photography.

      Whether it's riding horses, playing soccer or rolling in the mud, taking pictures of your children involved in their activities is a happy memory for a wall.

      Nature photography is beautiful to hang in a living space. Go on a walk with the intention of capturing something you'd like to blow up for your wall. Lara likes to capture the backs of her loved ones as they walk through the woods. Print them online and take them to be framed. A cheaper route is to print a standard size and then purchase a frame at your local craft store.

      The iphone app Instagram is great vehicle for making a series of small prints for your wall. There are sites you can access to print your instagram images, or just print them yourself on a color printer. Because the resolution is low (it's an iphone after all), you'll want to keep these small. They look terrific on a wall in small frames.