Unhealthy "Healthy" Foods

      How often do you read food labels? You may be surprised to find some unhealthy ingredients lurking inside seemingly healthy foods. "Healthy Grocery Girl" Megan Roosevelt, registered and licensed dietitian joined us to share three tips for what to avoid and what to choose when grocery shopping.

      "Lite" Yogurt

      In a smoothie, as an afternoon snack, a quick breakfast, yogurt is a popular grocery item. However, it can also be a real nutrition fraud. From excess grams of sugar and artificial sweeteners, to artificial colors and flavoring, yogurt can contain more than you're hoping for.

      Avoid: Light 'Lite' Yogurts, which commonly contain artificial sweeteners in place of real sugar in order to help you save on calories. Unfortunately, you are not saving your health with this choice.

      Choose: Organic yogurt with real ingredients such fruit. If you choose to consume yogurt, the best option is to buy a plain, organic regular or Greek yogurt and top with fresh fruit and nuts. Even if this option contains more calories than a "Lite" yogurt, you will likely consume less overall throughout the day, because you will truly be satisfied and nourished.

      Sugar-Free Foods

      Sugar-free often means chemically filled. If you are trying to lose weight, watch your health, or manage your blood sugar, be very careful about reaching for sugar-free foods as a healthy choice.

      Avoid: All foods and beverages that are sugar-free and contain the artificial sweeteners: Aspartame, Sucralose and Saccharin. These fake sugars have been linked headaches, decreased GI health, cancer and even weight gain!

      Choose: Foods and beverages that are naturally sweetened, such as real fruit, maple syrup, honey or coconut sugar. Begin to develop a real relationship with real foods that are naturally sweet, including fruits, vegetables and grains.


      Soup, a light dish that pairs perfectly with a diet-friendly side salad. Whether you're ordering this option while out to eat or to prepare for yourself at home, it seems like a healthy choice right? Be careful, some soups can contain more sugar than a cookie! Also, be aware of lurking unhealthy ingredients such as Monosodium Glutamate, and full-fat cream or milk. If you are frustrated that you are eating like a rabbit and dieting, yet not losing weight, be careful to read your "healthy foods" ingredient list.

      Avoid: All soups that contain Monosodium Glutamate "MSG", high fructose corn syrup, heavy cream or full-fat dairy, and soy-protein isolate.

      Choose: Soup made with organic natural ingredients, such as coconut milk, vegetables, and beans, as well as organic herbs and spices

      For more great information on healthy foods as well as quick and easy recipes,visit Megan's website.