Valentine's Day Care Packages

      Independent College Consultent, Marie Morris, is also the mother of 2 kids currently in college. That makes her an expert in putting together awesome care packages. She stopped by to share her tips.

      What makes a great care package?
      Anything personal from home! Some of my favorites:

      • birthday cake with 18 layers, the frosting and utensils included
      • maple bars to the East coast (Dunkin Doughnuts doesn't serve them)
      • stickers, bookmarks or shirt from Powell's
      • Kink live cd
      • Favorite recipe (or a binder of family recipes)
      • Tomatoes and cucumbers from the garden
      • Homemade jam, or anything homemade! My son won't share the huckleberry jam as he is sure his roommates won't appreciate it!
      • Box filled with plastic Easter eggs filled with candies.
      • Picture in a frame of family members or pets. We send pictures over Facebook and text, and a printed picture from home is a great decoration.

      Is your child not coming home for Spring Break? Did they leave stuff at a friend's house over the break? Send a little Oregon or Portland to the family hosting -- think local museum shops or specialty Oregon stores.

      For helpful tips on helping your kids prepare for college, check out Marie's blog.