Warm Weather & Outdoor Wedding Tips

      Summer in the Northwest is the perfect time for an outdoor wedding... as long as you're prepared!
      Wedding Planner Katie Zuniga joined us with some things to consider, whether it's beating the heat or battling a windy day:

      For any outdoor event:

      • Be prepared for changing weather conditions, as a sunny day can turn rainy. Have a back up plan in place.

      • Wear comfortable, flat supportive shoes. Consider having a reserve pair you can use while taking pictures, then change into your "good shoes" for the ceremony.

      • If you just must wear heels, look into using Soulmates, clear high heel protector caps.

      • Have Benadryl or other medications for allergies, bug bites, etc. on hand

      • Apply sunscreen!

      • Have lots of water easily available. You can create custom labels for water bottles for the guests.

      • Use golf teas stuck in the grass to mark spots for bridal party to stand

      • Always check the direction of the sun during the time the ceremony will occur.

      • Always check for traffic or other sounds that will distract from the ceremony.

      For hot days:

      • Don't use metal chairs, as the hot sun can heat up the seats and burn guests' bottoms.

      • Provide fans or create programs that can be used as fans

      • Provide individual sunscreen packets to pick up or a bottle for guests to use when they sign the guestbook.

      • Have a tent or canopy available for guests to get out of the sun.

      • Check with the caterer if they have outdoor experience. They should suggest food that keeps well outside, like food without mayo

      Suggestions for windy/breezy days:

      • Use flameless candles (the battery operated kind) instead of trying to keep wicks lit.

      • Fishing weights color coordinated to the veil, and sewn on the bottom, can help them from blowing away.

      For more information on planning a wedding, visit Katie's website.