What Is Your Body REALLY Hungry For?

      Giving into cravings or being addicted to food is all to common in our American society. Normal eating starts to slide into overeating when there is a lack of fulfillment, understanding, companionship, work satisfaction, sex, etc. Food nourishes us yet when eating goes sideways, you are torn between short-term pleasure and the long term pain of being overweight for years at a time. Self Esteem Coach Laure Redmond, author of Feel Good Naked, joined us to share ways to reclaim your body:

      1. Take a closer look at your community. Ask yourself if you are spending time with people who uplift & encourage you & who kindly challenge your thought patterns. It is best to surround yourself with people who are focused on ~ learning and improving and who have your best interest in mind.
      2. Dieting is a false escape. Learn the truth about healthy eating, which includes the entire food pyramid. America is crazed over dieting and diets never have and never will work, they are a temporary fix. Dieting involves a form of amnesia, you forget what didn't work yesterday in order to plunge into the next gimmicky fad.
      3. Stop, Breathe, Slow Down & Listen. This is the only way to honestly identify your emotions, impulses and choices.
      4. Feed the problem, not your belly. Remember that your body is a verb (a process), not a noun (a fixed object); once you understand the true problem (what drives your impulse to overeat), you then have opportunities to fix the problems, not eat them.
      5. Turn passive into active. The benefits of an active life are paramount to personal fulfillment. To name a few: 1. more energy 2. happier 3. improved sex drive 4. lower cholesterol, stress, anxiety, fear, type 2 diabetes, stroke, heart disease & various cancers!
      6. Use sound to center. Before eating dinner (the most common pig out meal), ring a bell, a Tibetan bowl, gong or cow bell to remind you of your eating intentions. When strong sounds are heard before eating, there is a profound awareness in the brain that eliminates the inclination to numb out.
      7. Turn ordinary into inspiring. Define inspiring any way you choose: a bright color, a spicy taste, inspirational scripture or poetry, a sparkling conversation. Inject this vibrancy into your normal routine.
      8. Study Yourself. Whether you are eating, working, parenting or playing ~ pay close attention to yourself. Studying yourself provides all the information you will ever need about your wants, desires, habits and behaviors. Once you develop a keen understanding of self, your options and opportunities for improvement, happiness, balance and joy are endless.

      For more helpful tips, visit Laure's blog.