What NOT to Say to Pregnant Women

      Executive Life Coach, Dr. Stephanie Somanchi, shared what NOT to say to pregnant women and a few things to say.

      Typically people get tongue tied about what to say regarding life's challenges, death, divorce, illness, but even one of life's great celebrations, having a baby, seems to invoke a host of startling, unsolicited, and sometimes shockingly inappropriate comments.
      Check Yourself First
      First - If there is any question as to if the woman is pregnant. Stop! Do not proceed
      with any comment!
      Pregnancy-Approved Comments (go for it!)
      If you KNOW the woman to be pregnant and feel the need to say anything at all, here is
      a safe-list of comments.
      1. Congratulations!
      2. You look great.
      3. How are you feeling?
      The 3 no-fail comments can easily be stretched into a whole conversation. Example:
      "Hi! It is so great to see you. I heard the news. Congratulations! You look great/glowing. How are you feeling?"
      That's it..... Stop!
      Unapproved-Pregnancy Comments (use extreme caution!)
      Avoid taking the conversation in any of the following directions.
      1. Size - too big or too small - body changes in general
      2. Comments about choices - food, exercise, clothing, etc.
      3. Horror stories about pregnancies / delivery / children
      4. Questions about possible future/previous pregnancies
      5. Questions about age, life choices, marriage
      6. Questions about breast-feeding choices
      7. Comments in general about the "right" way to raise children
      8. Advice about the birth, unless it has been requested
      9. Touching, rubbing, or pointing to the pregnant woman's abdomen
      10. Asking, "Are you STILL pregnant?"
      Note to Pregnant Women - How to Respond!
      It is OK to NOT answer questions. A good standard response is: "Wow, I'm amazed by
      what people feel comfortable saying and sharing."