What Women Really Want from Men

      A relationship, in the truest sense of the word, means relating to and connecting to each other. Usually when we say that we relate to someone, it is because we've found common ground. But part of authentic connection is finding ways to make ideas that seem different come together. Laure Redmond, self-esteem coach and author of the book Feel Good Naked, joined us to share eight ways men can choose to give the relationship a makeover:

      1. Slay Your Demons We all have them, the dark, shadowy part of our hearts, those yucky places where our fear and loathing hideout. Notice what keeps you awake at night and stalk it; hunt your darkness and bring it into the light for loving and healing.

      2. Love Fearlessly Stand firm when we are in a beautiful rage. Don't run from our fury ~ after all, it might contain magical wisdom. In the gale force of feminine anger, your acceptance is a powerful reminder that we are met and accepted by our beloved partner.

      3. Show Us Your Daring Heart Save what is worth saving ~ whether it's poverty, environmental ruin, neighborhood safety or to stop prejudice wherever you see it ~ we like it when something worthy brings you alive with passion.

      4. Really Listen to What We Say the First Time Let us know you heard us by your efforts and choices and then you won't have to say that we constantly repeat ourselves.

      5. Leave Your Mark What do you want your children to say about you? The greatest legacy is not the wealth you leave behind, but your heartfelt message that echoes forward to future generations.

      6. Be The Captain of Your Own Ship Aim your life towards a memorable horizon. Snoozing on the sofa after too many beers and potato chips with the TV droning in the background is okay during football season, but otherwise, we want you to navigate towards meaningful connection with us.

      7. Care Deeply As a man, you might have been taught to hold your emotions back, but your caring is what we yearn for! When your heart breaks we want to know it so we can heal it together.

      8. Ravish Your Woman Every now and then we want to be wholeheartedly loved with your kisses and then we want to love you back with our kisses. Polarity is a potent feeling and the current runs both ways.

      For more information on mind-body health, visit Laure's website.