Why Bunnies Make Great Pets

      Rabbit Advocates Volunteers, Erin Ford and Mary Thompson, joined us, along with four adorable bunnies, to give Dave and Helen the 4-1-1 on bunny care and why they make such great pets. To adopt a bunny of your own attend the following event this Saturday at the Oregon Humane Society:

      Rabbit Advocates Present, "SomeBunny To Love"
      Saturday, January 26th 2013
      Oregon Humane Society 1067 NE Columbia Blvd.
      12 noon-4pm Ed Hall
      Our rabbits are seeking loving stable homes, they love hanging out
      on the couch and will listen to you for hours.
      Come see our many adoptable rabbits for a meet and greet..
      Visit our bunny kissing booth and
      Talk with our special guest Faye Pietrokowsky pet communicator
      (pets need not be present to communicate) For more information
      please visit