Why We Obsess Over Celebrity Gossip

      5. It makes you feel like one of the cool-kids. Gossiping makes the celebrities seem real; hence the more you know the better chances you could be friends with them. Your knowledge makes you cool and hip! Often celebrities represent our hidden wishes for wealth, fame, beauty, invincibility In effect, our observation of their lives reinforces notions of transformation and possibility, the idea that one day our lives really might change for the better. If it happened for them, why not us? The obsession with reality "stars" provide us hope that we have the potential to become "famous" too.

      4. It makes you feel better about your own life choice. Celebrity gossip often proves that even money and fame can't buy everything --- such as good life choices and true, lasting love. Celebrities are no different from us, except for their access to far more resources which may inspire negative emotions such as jealousy. Gossiping & pointing out their errors somehow makes us feel even and allow us to vent to our negative emotions about them. The act of celebrity-gossiping can allow you to vent negative emotions at a celebrity which you can't do at a neighbor, friend or family member.

      3. It is more fun than our own reality. Life can be fairly mundane, but celebrities go to exciting parties, fly around the world, live in mansions and have crazy love affairs. Gossiping about celebrities allows us to live vicariously and bring some excitement into our lives. Celebrity gossip gives us the opportunity to laugh at other people's mistakes when we would never want to laugh at the expense of our friends, but laughing at celebrities is acceptable.

      2. It is a bonding experience. Celebrity gossip provides an opportunity for us to connect about a common interest (something to talk about) which facilitates the development of trusting relationships and social bonding. It may provide the basis to be part of a group as we share common views and opinions about celebrities. It is the adult version of a fairytale which we learned as a child. For example: The Bachelor is the knight in shining armor we were told about as a child and everyone has an opportunity to discuss the princess.

      1. It is a safe topic which doesn't personally affect you. Gossiping about celebrities provides us with a distraction from the problems and tensions in our own lives. It provides a break from the boredom and stress of daily life. Plus everyone gets to have an opinion and it can't be wrong! You may even be the center of attention while providing the latest scoop!

      Five Reasons Why We Love Celebrity Gossip