Why Women Need To Lift Weights

      If you're a woman and you don't lift weights because you think it will bulk you up, think again! Fitness Expert Beth Oliver stopped by to clear up the most common myths about women and weight training.

      Have you been hearing a lot about how important weight training is for women? Well, there is a good reason for that, it may be the missing link in your health and fitness routine. But there are always a few myths floating around, that we will clear up today, and then we will show you some great exercises that you can do at home!

      Myth # 1: Weight training might make me too big! Women just simply do not have enough testosterone to bulk up. While you won't put on size, you can shape your physique and appear more muscular, which is where the misconception probably comes from.Myth # 2: Weight training doesn't burn fat, so it's kindof a waste of time if you are training to lose weight. Nope, it's even more important in long term weight management because lean muscle burns more calories that fat. So the more muscle you carry, the higher your basal metabolic ratethe amount of energy your body burns at rest.Myth # 3: So that means if I'm weight training I can eat whatever I want? Sorry, that is not true either. Your caloric expenditure does remain higher after your weight training routine, but it's subtle. It is effective over time though. You still augment your training with good nutrition.Myth # 4: High reps and light weights are best for women. If you want to build muscle, and we do, that might be a bit of an outdated formula. Aim to fatigue muscle in 12-15 reps. If you can do a lot more than that, you are building endurance rather than strength. Consider that if you do a push-up, you are lifting your entire body weight. Most people underestimate their strength . Myth #5 : You have to do one muscle group at a time, so it just takes too long. Not true, let's look at some compound moves we can do to train upper and lower body together. They will give you a lot of benefit, in a short period of time, Plie Squat with Triceps press Squat with bicep curl Lunge with overhead press Dead row Chest Press w/ double leg extension ( I can show this one or have Dave do it, so Helen does not have to lay down on the ground)