Willpower Wont' Help You Diet

      In her new book, FOODIST, neuroscientist Darya Pino Rose, takes readers through the nutrition and psychology of healthy eating. She has an intriguing take on willpower and weight loss, explaining:

      "Willpower is dependent on blood sugar. Like a muscle, willpower has limited capacity, and when exercised extensively it can become depleted. Also like a muscle, the primary fuel your brain uses to exert willpower is sugar from your blood. So when your blood sugar is low (i.e., when you're hungry, which when you're dieting is pretty much all the time), your willpower is weaker than ever, and the only way to fix it is to eat."

      In FOODIST, Darya offers a guide to willpower (and the best times to use it) to help readers move beyond daily obstacles and bad habits, replacing unhealthy and unappetizing food-like products with fresh, seasonal, real food.