Women & Money Issues

      Why do women today find themselves feeling limited and afraid to take action? "Because they live by old beliefs and ideas that keep them in poverty instead of prosperity," says author Christine Green. In Authentic Spirituality: A Woman's Guide to Living an Empowered Life, Green taps her 20 years of counseling to highlight stresses and challenges that women face every day. The book includes case histories and Green's own experiences on her path of spiritual development.

      "There are at least three pitfalls that keep women in scarcity", says Green.

      "Women feel unworthy. Self-worth for women gets tied up with money when they judge themselves for how much they earn. Women feel frustrated when they compare their net worth to others.

      Women feel doubt. By standing in limitation, avoiding taking action and chaos take over. Chaos causes doubt. Doubt creates insecurity about themselves and their actions. Doubt makes it difficult to move forward.

      Women feel guilt. Women often believe that their abundance limits the good of others. There is guilt that personal success or prosperity will take away from someone else. Attention is paid to others, while dreams and ideas go unfulfilled."

      There are five steps that women can take to move out of scarcity and into being empowered with money:

      "Be willing to observe old patterns of belief about money. Knowledge is power. As old beliefs are recognized, they can be reprogrammed to be more empowering.

      Be in financial integrity. Checkbook balanced? Bills paid on time? Women must be honest and do an evaluation to assess their true financial integrity. When fear takes over, contact a financial advisor or trusted friend to help.

      Be willing to receive. Women can make a habit of consciously practicing their ability to receive; a compliment, a gift, a smile. Women often make excuses when someone acknowledges an accomplishment. Learn to receive and give gracious thanks.

      Be willing to forgive. Resentment expands the feeling of limitation. The key to moving past guilt, resentment and jealousy is to forgive others and often ourelves. It is freeing and imperative to expanding our wealth. Point of clarity: Forgiveness does not condone the act; it releases it from our consciousness.

      Be willing to give thanks. Gratitude expands love. Love expands receptivity. Love is an opening to abundance, harmony and freedom. Practice keeping a gratitude journal and writing down daily thoughts of gratitude."