Work In a Workout -- Picnic Edition

      Fitness Expert Beth Oliver can work in a workout anywhere -- even picnics and barbeques! She stopped by our studio today to show us how fun it can be. And it's good for the family in more ways than one!

      Are you looking for ways to keep your picnics and barbeques active and fun for your family, and sneak in a little exercise too? Here are some great games and activities that you may have forgotten about, but will be tons of fun. You can play them in your yard or any park, and some of them in a large family room if it happens to rain:

      • Water balloon toss
      • 3-legged races
      • Badmitton
      • Frisbee
      • Long jump contest
      • Hide and go seek
      • Kick the can
      • Red Light/ Green light
      • Jump rope relays
      • Yes, let's

      Outside of the physical activity itself, these games have a very real benefit for kids under 10. Research tells us that when kids under 10 associate movement with fun, they are much more likely to become lifetime exercisers. This is the only way to really break the cycle of obesity that we are experiencing in our culture today.

      And you can sneak in some exercise yourself!

      • Play with your kids, you might be surprised how much exercise you get, not to mention the positive influence you will be having on them.
      • Set up a scavenger hunt: Get the older kids to keep the younger ones busy for twenty minutes. Walk the park or your yard looking for interesting places to hide things. You'll get in a twenty minute walk while setting up a fun activity for your kids.
      • When everyone else is busy, use a park bench to do a few simple exercises:

      o Squat and stand
      o Split lunges ( back foot is up )
      o Step Ups
      o Incline Push Ups
      o Tricep dips