Work In a Workout While Shopping

      It can be a struggle to fit in exercise this time of we challenged Fitness Expert Beth Oliver to come up with a workout anyone can fit in during this busy holiday season when we spend a lot of time standing in line.

      Have you ever noticed how much time you spend standing in lines during the holiday season? And after a day of shopping, you feel exhausted even though you haven't done any traditional exercise? Here are some sneaky exercises that you can do without drawing too much attention to yourself. They will help keep your blood flowing which will give you more energy and also help you maintain your great posture which will keep you from feeling so stressed and fatigued at the end of the day. We can do them from the feet up, so it's easy to remember!

      • calf raises
      • glut squeezes
      • tummy tightners
      • knee hugs
      • quad stretch and release
      • chest opener
      • side stretch
      • neck/trap stretch