Money-Saving Ideas for Wedding Flowers

It can be a big part of a wedding budget, but there are steps you can take to save money. Wedding Planner Katie Zuniga joined us with some interesting ways to make your flower budget go farther. For instance, roses are most expensive in February due to Valentine's Day and the cost of all flowers goes up in May because of Mother's Day.

Katie says peonies and dahlias are expensive at anytime of year, but you can get the look of peonies by using garden roses. If there's an accent color you'd like to use, but can't find a flower you like in that color, she says to consider using floral spray paint.

And Katie says your florist is a great resource for money-saving ideas. Here are some questions to ask:

  1. Is working within my budget of $_____ feasible ?

  2. Are my favorite flowers is season? If not, what are some good substitutes?

  3. Will you make samples for me to see and we can work with and adjust as needed?

  4. How do you charge, flat fee or per item? Is there a delivery charge?

  5. What flowers hold up better?

For more information on planning a wedding, visit Katie's website.