Pastel Chalk Butterflies

Professional Artist, Elida Field, showed Helen how kids can make simple chalk pastels to surprise their mom on Mother's Day.

May brings all kinds of goodness! Flowers are in full bloom and the sleeping forest awakens once
again with life for summer. Fly into summer by creating a beautiful butterfly from pastels with
bright, bold colors that really "pop"! Butterflies are so diverse in color, shape, and size that
almost anything goes! It's a fun project where the whole family can get dirty, dive into, and create
something really unique. Placed on black paper, the colors almost glow and the final display is
~Pastels (any, but my favorite is Faber Castel)
~Black Construction Paper
~Fixative or aerosol hairspray
Making Pastel Butterflies:
Butterflies are symmetrical, so whatever you do to one side, do on the other.
However, these are artistic butterflies, so anything goes! Just have fun playing
with the shapes and filling your page with color.
1. Turn your paper horizontally, and using a light or white color, draw a circle the size of a dime or nickel in the center of the paper.
2. Draw a curved line down and around to create the torso, and one more longer one below that with a little point on the end for the bottom of the body. You can add a few curved line on the bottom.
3. At the base of the circle, draw a large curved line up and all the way to the edge of the paper. Repeat on the left.
4. Take that curved line and continue it down and curve it back towards the middle of the body. Repeat on the left.
5. At the point where the line ends on the body, start the next curved line and take it out, down to the
bottom right corner and back around to the middle of the body. Repeat on the left.
6. Go back to the first wing you created and create your pattern. Repeat the same pattern on the left.
7. Now create a pattern on the bottom right wing and do the same on the left.
8. Start by filling in the body with color, using a dark, medium, and light and blending lightly with your finger.
9. Fill in the wings with different colors, overlapping the colors and blending them with your finger.
10.Block in the entire background with a contrasting color (If you used cool colors for the butterfly, try using a warm color as the background color)
11.Finally, use black to add the antennae, veins, and to clean up the edges on the piece that got smeared and messy.
12. Sign your name, and tap off excessive chalk. Lay your piece in a well ventilated area and spray lightly with fixative or aerosol hairspray.
Hang up your masterpiece and enjoy!