A giant mess: Burnside closures will continue into next week

PORTLAND, Ore. - The water main that burst, sending water cascading onto West Burnside Street on Tuesday morning has been capped. But don't expect the busy thoroughfare to fully reopen anytime soon.The damage under the street is more extensive than city crews originally estimated, meaning they'll having to continue repairs into next week.City workers spent Wednesday digging up more of Burnside chasing underground water damage. The underlying level of dirt has been turned into mud, which won't support a new layer of asphalt. Once they finish clearing out the mud they can begin repaving."This work is weather dependent, it's temperature dependent, there are a lot of factors going into this," said Dylan Rivera with the Portland Bureau of Transportation. "We're working with utilities that we think are damaged, so it's a bit of a web down there underground."The process of ripping up the street, digging down to find damage then replacing it all will take the rest of the week. Repaving can begin after that.Transportation workers will add more signs through the area to direct people away from Burnside in the meantime. However, if you can avoid the area your best bet is to stay clear until the roads fully reopen.