Abby's Table in SE Portland gets low health score

Click "play video" to see Kerry Tomlinson's report.

A year after our original report aired, the chef and owner of Abby's Table wrote us with an update about her restaurant. We have a policy of not removing old stories, but we offered to post her statement.

Statement from Abby Fammartino:

One year ago Kerry Tomlinson did a story on my business, Abby's Table, regarding the 75 health score rating we received. I agreed to represent the business, and to speak on behalf of the issues we faced: our dishwasher was under-sanitizing, there were fruit flies, our walk in needed service. The last issue, an employee who didn't double hand wash, is no longer a law by the Health Department as of July 2012 (although we still double hand wash in our kitchen!) We cleaned things up within a week and have had near perfect records before and after that incident.

I understand the value of a story about a unique business, good or bad. However, we are still a small business who has struggled in the last year since that video to stay afloat. We help so many customers who truly need the food we offer, be it folks with severe food allergies who have trouble dining out, or people who want to take charge of their health and enjoy healthful food. With limited marketing dollars, we do not want to dissuade people from coming to our restaurant.

Your video and story have greatly affected the business and it's ability to continue to offer healthful, quality food to the Portland community. I am requesting, respectfully, that since it has been a year, the video (and story) be removed from the your website. It is the first video that comes up for "videos" for Abby's Table, and it also appears on the first page of a general search, due to the fact that we are a small business with limited SEO budget. We have other videos that are educational with recipes and positive stories, but these are shadowed by this story, the first video.