All the Weisner

CORVALLIS, Ore. -- Jamie Weisner was born to play basketball.

"Ever since I was born, I've been in the gym," said Weisner. "I would go to games in my pajamas at age three."

Growing up as one of seven, competition was served with breakfast at the Weisner household. But humble beginnings in a small town in Clarkston, Wash., meant a down to earth work ethic.

A perfect combination to play basketball.

"We had a basketball court in our backyard," said Weisner. "We'd always play games. We would compete at everything."

Weisner is the youngest of five biological children. When she was two, the family grew even larger, with the addition of two adopted brothers.

"I always like to hear, 'I have an older brother,'" said head coach Scott Rueck. "If I hear, 'I have an older brother,' that means they've been beat up on, tackled and wrestled. It means I don't have to teach that physicality."

Weisner says a big reason she came to Oregon State was because of its small town feel.

She grew up in Clarkston, a town of roughly 7,000 people.

"It was great," said Weisner about growing up in Clarkston. "Everyone was really supportive. Going to high school basketball games, we'd get the whole town. It was like the big thing."

Coming out of high school, Weisner was considered one of the best shooters in the country and was a four-star recruit.

That potential is developing, as she leads the Beavers in scoring and is second in rebounding, all while adjusting to the college game.

"Everyone is all about Oregon State here," said Weisner. "I think that's really unique, and I like it."