Angie's List: 2011's Most and Lest Complained about Categories

As 2011 came to a close, consumer review website Angie's List took a look back at the biggest consumer gripes of the year.

Top on the list for the seventh year in a row were home warranty companies.

Home warranties, or home services contracts, are typically included when purchasing a new home, and they cover things like plumbing, electrical, heating and cooling.

The website reported that last year, 46 percent of its members who bought a home warranty and reported on their experience gave bad grades to the companies.

Angie's List creator Angie Hicks says, "What we found in this process is that consumers are not clear about what a home warranty covers and we are seeing complaints about what a home warranty covers."

Hicks suggests that consumers make every effort to understand their warranties, and to shop around for repair companies when the time comes.

It's not just home warranties that caused consumers to gripe. Angie's List released the following list of complaints:

Angie's List 2011 Most Complained-About Companies:
1. Home warranty companies*
2. Internet service providers*
3. Banks/credit unions
4. Property management companies*
5. Auction services
6. Boating sales and service
7. Mattress sales
8. Mobile and landline phone providers*
9. Wedding professionals - bridal and tuxedo shops, planners*
10. Travel agencies

*repeat appearance on this list

There were also some positive consumer experiences in 2011. Here's who Angie's List consumers didn't complain about:

Angie's List 2011 Least Complained-About Companies:
1. Piano tuning
2. Mailbox repair
3. Hauling services*
4. Graphic design
5. Dryer vent cleaning*
6. Ceiling fan installation*
7. Home organization services*
8. Lighting services*
9. Glass block services
10. Screen repair*

*repeat appearance on this list