Angie's List: Proper gutter maintenance

If you're growing tired of the rain, chances are so are your rain gutters. A clean, properly working gutter system can help prevent a home from soil erosion and damage to the home's foundation. According to the consumer review website, Angie's List, properly maintained gutters can last twenty years or more. The key is to take care of them properly.

Angie's List creator Angie Hicks says, "It's important to maintain them, but more importantly your gutters are your first defense against water coming into your house. So if you are not cleaning your gutters once or twice a year, you can have serious water problems."

Hicks says homeowners can expect to pay about $100 for a good gutter cleaning, but those costs far outweigh those of having to replace a broken gutter system. Some problems caused by clogged gutters include water damage to the home, landscaping erosion, and gutters filled with leaves and ice can even collapse.

Angie's List mentions that the best times of year to have your gutters cleaned are in the spring, and again in the fall after the leaves have stopped falling.