Beaverton pushes online survey to study food carts

BEAVERTON, Ore. -- Beaverton city planners are considering easing regulations on food cart owners.

Right now carts only have seven hours a day to be on location, then they have to pack up and go.

The city is asking people to take one of three online surveys: one for customers, one for food cart owners and one for property owners.

The survey asks questions like, "Do you think there should be more food carts in Beaverton?" and "Would you like to see carts stay in place overnight?"

In two weeks, the city has received 600 customer responses.

"The majority is saying to please change the regulations, that they would like to see more food carts in Beaverton, they agree with the idea of having an extended hour co-location and overnight," said economic development manager Alma Flores.

That co-location she mentioned would be food cart pods where several carts set up.

Next month the city will look over the results and take them back to the planning commission.